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Ferroli 39803860 Fan (VF118)

Ferroli Optima 901 Boiler
Ferroli 39803860 Fan
Mfr Part#: 39803860 Ezypart Part#: VF118
To Fit Boiler Gas Code: 47-267-18
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Fan for Ferroli Optima 901.

Specially designed for extracting hot combustion flue gases from domestic boiler combustion chambers and discharging them via a suitable flue system, these fans are intended for use on the Ferroli Combi 100FF, Optima 201, Optima 900, Optima 901, Optima 1000, Xignal boilers. They have the Ferroli part number 39803860 and are identified by Ezypart with the reference VF118. They are powered by 230V 50Hz mains electricity supplied to the Faston tags on the fan motor via insulated cables within the boiler.

The power of the motor has been matched with the impellor inside the scroll case to ensure that the fan causes the correct flow rate of flue gases to pass out of the boiler. The motor is attached to a triangular bracket that is mounted onto the steel scroll case via rubber anti-vibration feet. The inlet of the scroll of the fan is a circular hole that coincides with a hole in the top of the combustion chamber flue hood. The scroll case outlet is rectangular and is designed for the boiler flue connection to be coupled to it.

A flexible resilient seal, capable of withstanding the hot flue gas temperature, is fitted between the fan and the flue outlet to ensure there is no escape of flue gases. During manufacture, all fans are run at their design speeds and the impellors are dynamically balanced in two planes. This ensures smooth, quiet and vibration-free running.